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Everything you need to sell online, digitise and automate your business. Add items. Track orders. Engage customers. Receive payments. Free Virtual Store.


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Manage your business like a BOSS

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Ease of Use

Tudu is the simplest and least technical way to create and manage your online store.
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Ready Made

Everything you need to make sales, collect payment and process order successfully.
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Wide Reach

Reach thousands of customers searching for your business and products.

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Add items to your store

Get started and add your amazing products on Tudu for free.

Receive and track orders

Receive orders from thousands of customers on Tudu and people you share your store link with.

Get the order delivered

Package and deliver the items in the order by yourself or through any delivery courier of your choice.

Get paid

Receive payments made by customers from Tudu into your prefered wallet (Bank/Mobile Money).


Meet Customer Satisfaction

Secure Payment Transaction System


Secure Payment Transaction System

Stay secured online with safe online payment methods. Vendors you buy from only have access to your money after goods have been delivered. It's always safe to shop on Tudu.

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Frequently asked question

What is Tudu ?
Tudu provides a platform for sellers and buyers to transact online securely. With Tudu, sellers can connect to their daily customers in addition to the many other buyers on the platform. As a buyer, you also get to experience the most secure online shopping and fastest delivery in Ghana.
Can I pay on delivery?
No, we don't offer Cash on Delivery payment option at the moment.
Does Tudu allow order pick up?
Yes, for nearby business shopping and supermarket items you can pickup anytime you want from the respective business or supermarket.
How can I track my order?
You will be receiving frequent text messages updating you on the status of your order. If you want to check the status of your order, you open the app and go to orders then click on the order ID to see the status of all items in the order.